Cigarettes kill people! All of the evidence from credible sources points clearly to this statement. Most people are unaware of the extent of the harm that tobacco causes, even if they have some idea that it is a health risk. The sticky tar that comes from burning tobacco causes radioactive particles to stick to delicate tissues in the lungs and build up, over time, to dangerous levels. Cigarette smoke releases thousands of different chemicals and a single puff contains literally trillions of free radicals. The smoke actually burns away vitamins like C and E and other nutrients. Even worse is the inflammation it causes in the lungs. This is the principle source of oxidative stress. The degree of lung inflammation and injury is directly related to the extent of oxidation caused by cigarette smoke. In addition, the tar from tobacco products contains potent carcinogens that cause not only lung cancer but all sorts of other tumours. Doctor Gutman says that Glutathione is well known to scavenge these free radicals and to neutralize many of the toxins by conjugation and elimination. Elevated Glutathione levels will help to protect you. Many studies have outlined the role of Glutathione in preventing and suppressing the damages caused by smoking.

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