This time, the Js we will take a look at are not diseases or disorders, but rather practices you can apply to counteract the strong pull of Entropy and Inertia as these terms apply to the conditioning of your immune system. They are Jar, Jealous, Jingle, Journal and Jungle.


Make some moves. Jolt yourself. Defeat inertia. Do something right now to start improving the state of your immune system. If you wanted to go from a sick pack to a six pack you would start your crunches right now, at this very moment. That is, if you were really serious. What can you do right in this moment to improve your immune system?


Make some reaction. Guard your state of wellness as you would a first love. I mean this in a positive way not in a dysfunctional way. Care deeply about every little part of your immune system. Remember your first love? Every twitch of that person’s face attracted your undivided attention. Pay attention because your immune system is talking to you on a regular basis.


Make some noise. Run your own public service announcements to yourself concerning your immune system. Become your own ad agency. Some of those announcements will be warnings, some will be informative, some will be exhortations to action and some will be choruses of victory. Promote! Promote! Promote!


Make some notes. You can expect what you inspect. Figure out what you want from your immune system. Is it more energy? Is it detoxification? Is it less interruptions in your state of Wellness? You are the boss. Then observe what you are getting to see if you are on target. Write it down so you can have a bench mark in hard copy. Now you see where you are and can move in an informed factual direction to the next bench mark.


Make some tracks. Remember you are in threatening territory where old and new species of pathogens are crouched behind the many camouflages to pounce upon your state of wellness. You are the prize! Do not sit around as a willing prey. Get out of there or… at least make sure you know your personal jungle and master it. Know how to navigate your immune system.

Ok, enough of that, you get the point. I certainly am starting to get it!


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