Surgery is not without risk or side effects because it is intrusive and disrupts your anatomy. An operation releases billions of free radicals into your body which, in turn, heavily taxes your antioxidant defences. Outcomes depend on your fitness and immune system.

The cells’ primary antioxidant, Glutathione, is drawn from stores in your liver and your skeletal muscles and is dispersed to reduce the damages of surgery. It not only protects you from oxidative stress, it also bolsters your immune response, controls and balances inflammatory response and helps synthesize and repair proteins involved in your healing process. While healing, wounds initially increase their production of Glutathione peroxidase in order to fight the free radical formation. All surgery disrupts the blood flow to tissues (ischemia). When blood flow is re-established (reperfusion) there is a burst of free radical formation in the affected region that can possibly affect the survival of the tissues.


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