Longevity results from a combination of environmental and genetic characteristics. Extreme longevity is rare. Evidence shows that you can do things to slow down aging and combat many of the age related diseases. In the business world, longevity is a sign that a company is doing things right. Would it be reasonable to say that we can extend that to human longevity?

Aging is marked by a decline in the immune system. Low Glutathione levels have been associated with an augmented susceptibility to the conditions and diseases that are linked to this group. Leading researchers in aging and immunology conclude that increased oxidative stress and/or lower consumption of antioxidants contribute to the decline of white blood-cell function and weakened immune response in the aged.

As you age, Glutathione levels fall and you become increasingly susceptible to the toxic threats of many drugs and pollutants. Lower levels in your aging liver diminish your body’s ability to detoxify poisons. Glutathione slows down your aging process by the diffusing and disposing of free radicals that threaten damage to your cells, tissues, and organs.


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