Lead is a metal found in the earth, and it is a poison. It affects adults as well as kids and can be responsible for everything from mood swings and disrupted sleep to kidney damage and retardation. Lead is one of the most dangerous contaminants to children’s health. Chronic lead poisoning is a common problem among children. The seriousness of lead damage depends on two factors: the amount of lead that gets into the body and the length of time it remains there. Young children may ingest the lead-contaminated dust during typical childhood behaviour such as crawling on floors and then putting their fingers in their mouth coming into contact with sources of lead.

Lead poisoning is an environment of free radical activity which can diminish the potency of the antioxidants that protect your immune system. Exercising care to eliminate lead from your environment and making sure your Glutathione levels are appropriate can protect you from this health hazard.


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