Yes, you have read this correctly. None of us need a scientific background to measure to power of the Huuuuuuuuuuuug! I believe the experience speaks for itself. Hug receivers and hug givers know this for a fact.

Hugs can be given or received at any time, in any place and by anyone who sincerely wants to make someone feel well. Everywhere you look on this planet, you will spot the hug-starved look. Your intuition can be confirmed after you, the hugger, give your free hug and then the huggee, the hug recipient, melts into your arms.

I suspect that more recent generations are familiar with the Huuuuug factor … or are they? Do our children receive enough hugs? Perhaps past generations may have missed out on this free benefit. Do our parents receive enough hugs? Could it be that we might be a lot healthier if we caught the Huuuuug Bug. Some of you are seasoned Hug experts having frequent Huuuuug miles. In any event, go and hug someone right now. This is one bug we all want to catch!

What do you Hug scientists know about this that you could share with our readers?

Come on, don’t be bashful. Let us know what you think!!!


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