Heartburn is a common complaint, a burning or painful feeling in the chest accompanied by a sour or bitter taste in the throat and mouth. It is caused by acid refluxing back into the oesophagus. Heartburn can be confused with other chest-related illnesses such as heart attack, pulmonary embolus, pneumonia, and chest wall pain. If neglected over time, it can lead to other more serious conditions like Barrett’s oesophagus or oesophageal cancer. Heartburn is usually caused by weakness of the lower oesophageal sphincter and by foods that are not easily digested by our stomach and digestive system. It is common during pregnancy, with about 1 in 4 women reporting it daily at some point during their pregnancy.

Night time heartburn is a major public health concern – not only interfering with sleep, but also causing more oesophageal damage than daytime symptoms. This may lead to such serious conditions as erosive oesophagitis.

Chronic heartburn is a condition which should not be overlooked because it could degenerate to oesophageal cancer. It is essential that chronic heartburn be treated. The long-term effects of heartburn can be extremely bad for the body.

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