Gum disease, the inflammation of the gum tissues, is a chronic bacterial infection in the body caused by the build up of bacteria between the teeth and under the gum line. Although not a permanent condition, it is not a small infection. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. The best prevention of gum disease is good home dental care such as brushing and flossing and regular cleanings by your dentist.

Damage to your jaw bone and loss of teeth is just part of the challenge. Medical scientists have conclusively proven that gum disease goes beyond “just a dental problem”. Gum disease can lead to increased risk for major overall health problems, including but not limited to stroke, heart disease, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, diabetes complications, low birth weight, and most recently, dementia.

Correlations have been made between the infective and inflammatory processes of periodontitis and free redicals.


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