Fitness is for the person who would like to prevent disease and insure the probabilities of having a quality life. Designing your fitness program so it that brings pleasure will help you continue the practice for the rest of your life. Learning more about fitness will give the time you invest to keep fit greater value. In other words, establish who, what, where, when, why and how of fitness and you are ready to go!

Statistics say that a sedentary lifestyle without exercise is as bad for health and longevity as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Research suggests that moderate but consistent exercise may actually be more beneficial than intense workouts. The question is, could there be such a thing as too much exercise?

Exercise seems to strengthen the immune system, but overdoing it may have the opposite effect! Few of us ever really push our immune resources to the limit in the course of doing exercise. Although it is clear that the immune system responds positively to moderate activity, it has been repeatedly shown that too much leads to a winding down of the immune system. It is known as immunosuppression. After a while the increase in immune factors and white cell activity, initiated by exercise, loses its momentum. This period depends on the intensity of the activity and the condition of the person’s defences.

While working out, a person may consume ten to fifteen times more oxygen than usual, so oxidative stress is a key factor in exercise. Physical activity increases oxygen consumption and intensifies numerous metabolic processes. The result is the creation and circulation of liberated oxidative breakdown products called free radicals.

Elevated Glutathione levels provide better immune defences and reduced susceptibility to infectious diseases. They also help decrease recovery time from workouts, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and increase performance.


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