Crohn’s is a disease where the immune system identifies the intestines and stomach as foreign objects. It can involve large segments of the digestive tract anywhere from the mouth to the anus. A severe, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, it is controllable but not curable. Crohn’s can be devastating and debilitating. One of the key characteristics of the inflammatory process is fever. It is an embarrassing disease, that condemns its victims to stay within range of a restroom. Primarily caused by a bacteria which provokes diarrhea, cramping and abdominal pain, it can be quite painful and can also lead to other health problems. Crohn’s is a chronic, life-long condition that affects more than 500,000 Americans. Samples of tissue inflamed by Crohn’s disease show consistent evidence of severe oxidative stress. The degree of oxidative stress can be correlated to the degree of inflammation. Of all the antioxidants that can prevent or retard this damage, Glutathione is the central one.

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