The rules for aging are definitely being broken.In 1900 a North American`s life expectancy was 49 years. By year 2000 it was 78 and climbing. There is no evidence that human life expectancy is near its limit. Oxidative stress is common to many diseases The free-radical theory of aging based on oxidative damage underlies most anti-aging treatments.

Aging is a biological reality caused by the accumulation of damage to the building blocks of life As you age, reaching optimal health involves much more than just diet and exercise. You are able to prolong your life and make it healthier.

Glutathione is the body`s powerhouse, disposing of free radicals theat threaten cells, tissues and organ damage, thus slowing the approach of aging. Aging is seen as a degeneration of the immune system, accounting in part for increased incidence of cancer and other diseases, especially the infections common among aging individuals. The leading researchers in aging and immunology conclude that increased oxidative stress and/or lower consumption of antioxidants contribute to the decline of white-blood cell function and weakened immune system in the aged. There is little doubt that cellular oxidative damage contributes to aging and its many diseases. It has been documented that those who live to 100 years or more have unusually high levels of glutathione, and we know that oxyradicals are very destructive. Given that Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, it seems reasonable to expect a connection between longevity and Glutathione.


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